Formerly Suffering from Pain, hear what Dr. Goodwin's Patients have to say Now!

I first had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Stephen Goodwin on March 18, 2008. For reasons unbeknownst to me, my hands/arms had progressed through a series of stages: my arms “feeling strange” when working on the computer, to my hands feeling cold to the touch, then my hands falling asleep at night, to continual extreme pain in my arms and wrists to finally being unable to use my fingers to perform simple tasks such as brushing my teeth, combing my hair, manipulating buttons, etc. While my arms worsened, I attempted to control the pain by wearing splints and using ice, but to no avail. I then went to my GP who referred me for carpal tunnel testing. The tests came back negative. With a lot of unanswered questions, I was forced to stop working. It was at that time a co-worker referred me to Canora Chiropractic for assessment, stating how much of a difference the clinic had made in her own health. Desperate for answers and relief from my pain, I went, and as such, began my journey to recovery and healing in my arms.

From the moment I met Dr. Goodwin he made me feel respected and his attitude conveyed that he genuinely cared about my well-being and getting to the cause of my symptoms. After the assessment, he explained to me that I had severe tendonitis in both arms, on the inside and outside of each elbow, the extent of which he had not encountered previously. Now that I knew what was wrong, my focus immediately changed to what was going to happen next and how long would my recovery take in order to regain my functioning and quality of life. Over the next four months Dr. Goodwin, Dr. Levy and massage therapist Jennifer Noel treated my condition so I could return to work. Occasionally, I still had to wear splints and use ice, but overall my symptoms were manageable as long as I continued with periodic treatments. Although very appreciative, I had resigned myself to the fact that this was the best it could get and that I would always have to be very careful in not over-using my arms and that recurring treatment would be a part of my life.
Recently, in September 2010, while having treatment at Canora Physiotherapy for a different concern, I heard about “shockwave therapy”. Intrigued, I spoke to Stephen and he was very optimistic that this new treatment could greatly improve the functioning of my arms and perhaps even eliminate the need for me to wear splints under my clothes as well as having to use ice for recurrent pain. With the thought of alleviating the pain I had learned to live with and the possibility of throwing my splints away, I jumped at the opportunity.

Although the cost is significant, the return for the money I’ve spent has been priceless..... I have found an improvement in my symptoms of 80% after 4 out of the 5 treatments....something I never could have dreamed possible. After two months, I find the temperature in my hands has mostly returned to normal and the heaviness in my arms is basically gone. I can rapidly type without the sharp pain I have become accustomed to and no longer need to use ice packs at night. I feel that shockwave therapy has been the greatest investment in my health to date and recommend it to anyone who is wondering if the cost is worth it. Looking back, I would have paid significantly more if I had known my arms could ever feel this good!

So ask if shockwave therapy is appropriate as a part of your treatment plan.......You may be glad you did.

Diane M. (November 2010)